Why Business Counts on CRAN ENTERPRISE

The value of your time is the guiding principle. With the unrelenting pace of business and the increasing complexity of the technology that supports the business – time is in demand, and your time is your money. I know that and I don’t forget it.

As part of the initiation of the project business outcomes are documented and verified. Agreement on the outcomes is achieved and that all key stakeholders understand those outcomes in the same way is ensured.

Consideration is given to what is already available to be leveraged. As agreed, and required, the cost of conformance, the time to do it right, is incurred.

Work is organized into small manageable sections and executed in a timely manner. Feedback informs each section as momentum builds and the project ramps up. Slower starts to achieve faster finishes.

Practical, outcome-based thinking is employed. Using the minimum number of steps to accomplish an objective, producing the quick wins that demonstrates progress and achieves the ultimate sophistication, simplicity.

Managing implementation complexity

cRAN eNTERPRISE offers an implementation change management expertise that combines a predictive planning effort with an adaptive execution. Wrapped around micro-monitoring and gated reviews your time is used wisely to deliver the results.

Project organization

The routine and plannable aspects are considered as the project model is built to be prepared for the complex non-routine scenarios and problems that invariably arise during execution.

  • Organized by documented business outcomes, major and minor milestones represent deliverables that facilitate project visualizations demonstrating the incremental delivery of value.
  • Project reviews are conducted based on stakeholder priorities, focusing on needs and expectations as well as tailoring strategies required to stay aligned with documented project outcomes

The time to do it right

Taking the time to define what the project is to accomplish in terms of outcomes, practically and completely, builds a realistic expectation. This increases the chances of achieving the ‘optimistic-most likely’ result. The objective along the way is to deliver the greatest value early and often as possible.

Project Solutions

That Recognize the Value of Your Time

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